Friday, April 29, 2011

Work Night Wish List

Passing the time at night, at work, is not always an entertaining task.

So between watching the

Royal Wedding


Online Shopping

I decided to post some of the items on my ever growing wish list.

A Large Brim Hat

To wear for the Kentucky Derby. Although I've never been, and hope to go some day, I'd really like to have a Kentucky Derby party and wear a big hat just for fun.

Drew Brees Saints Jersey

(Ladies Fit Size M please)

I finally jumped on the Saints Bandwagon (But the Pats are still my number 1)

A New Stethoscope

Call me a dork. I don't care.
But someone keeps stealing my stethoscopes at work. I want a new one to keep with me. Preferably red, but I like the ceil blue also.

Although I've wanted a Mercedes C Class for years, I'm sort of into Infiniti right now.

A Tahitian Getaway

Although a trip to Tahiti would be divine, I'm excited to be going to Destin in a month.


Seriously, what girl do you know that doesn't want diamonds?

Earrings, rings, bracelet, necklace... I'm not that picky.

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